We are the future success for all

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Peyton is a great kid, good student, always has a positive attitude. He is a real leader, and did a magnificent job of organizing homecoming activities. It has been awesome to see the change in Peyton as a leader in the class. He has always been respectful during class and tries to model this for his peers by gently reprimanding them to do the same. His participation in class encourages other to do the same.
Carter is a very hard worker he comes in to class everyday and gives 110%.  He is respectful of his teachers, classmates and of the school.  Carter uses class time to get better and pushes himself to learn new things. He's good at asking great questions!

Jayden uses polite words. She shows respect to me, her classmates and others. Jayden helps those who are hurt, waits her turn and is a happy friendly person.

Jena is always happy and positive and it carries over into her classmates. She is hard working and strives to understand material even when it is difficult. Whether intentionally or not, she takes on the challenge to make someone smile everyday. She is not afraid to ask for help if she doesn't understand something. She has attached every challenge head on and found ways to overcome challenges. She displays a growth mindset and doesn't let things keep her down long. She is also willing to help when she sees a need in the classroom.

Kellen is a great student and always working hard in and out of school. He exemplifies what a good student should be by being dedicated, hardworking, and respectful of everyone. He is completely committed to his studies and comes to class everyday ready to work. He has a great attitude and is a joy to have in class

Savannah is very sweet, caring young lady. She is always respectful to her peers and teachers. She is always smiling and will be the first to brighten her friends day by showing them she cares.

September nominations focused on Manners and Friendship for elementary students. Pictured above are all of the September nominees

Jacobi brings fun and energy to the classroom.  He knows how to lighten the mood while still working hard.  He is respectful of others and always has such a great attitude.

Stephanie is so helpful and kind in and out of the classroom.  She helps me tidy up the room before/after class, she always puts 100% into my class and has a real passion and talent for music.

Alison treats others with respect. She's very considerate of other people's feelings and uses good manners. She is a follower of the Golden Rule! Keep it up Alison

Hallie is a hard worker.  She comes to class everyday ready to work and has a great attitude.  Hallie gives everything she does 110% and isn't afraid to ask questions or work hard.  Hallie is very respectful of her peers, her teachers, and her school.  Hallie is a positive role model to others.

Chloi knows how to push herself.  She goes the extra mile to get better at her instrument.  She is respectful and gives 100% everyday.

Olivia is respectful of property and things. She is aware of doing the right thing and practices respect on a daily basis. Most importantly, Olivia respects people - adults & classmates. She reminds others to do the right thing and says things kindly and respectfully.

Riley displays great character through the pride and ownership he takes in his work.  He is a responsible student who understands the importance of getting tasks completed efficiently and effectively.

Cloey has a caring attitude. She cares about her teachers by always saying hello and how are you? She cares about her classmates. If her classmates need something, she is right there offering her help. She cares about her performance. Cloey has high standards for herself and works hard to achieve those high standards.

Jaida is very responsible with completing her schoolwork well and on time.  She works hard and enjoys challenging herself. Jaida sets a great example for others and keeps a positive attitude. She like to plan ahead and be prepared. 

Sadie is an asset to our school. She is reliable, helpful, and works very hard. You don't need to worry about her time management. When something is due, Sadie will have it ready.

Brooklyn is so unique and she's not afraid to be herself.  She knows how to lighten the mood and she works hard.  She does what you ask of her no matter how difficult the task.

Kennedy: Our character goal this month is responsibility.  Kennedy does a terrific job of showing responsibility in the classroom. She does her best on her work, sets a good example for others, and I can count on her to do what she is supposed to do. Kennedy is a joy to have in the classroom!